Monday, November 29, 2010

Realization hits…

Before coming here, I knew that I would definitely miss certain things in my life like:

-My family
-That cozy hug (including my kids)
-Home-made food and so on.

What I never knew was that I would miss even the not-so-important things in my life, like

-THAMIZH. Meeting a person outside our group who spoke in thamizh would bring so much joy to our hearts.

-South-indian food. God knows what the attendant thought of us when we shamelessly hogged on the pongal, sambar vadai, and masala dosa in the restaurant in London yesterday. (After such a long time). He couldn’t control his laughter when we asked him “Ingayaavadhu coffee-la paal viduveengala” and he answered, “pakka namma ooru coffee tharen”. And yes, he did give that pakka namma ooru coffee.

-Climate. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would miss Chennai climate. CHENNAI CLIMATE. My God! But, to leave the house, as and when you wish, without having to wear a hundred extra fittings, without covering all your beautiful dresses with a stupid winter jacket, and most importantly, without the stupid monkey cap, is really a blessing.

-Couples. To see couples walking hand-in-hand would bring a pain pang in my heart. I knew that I would face this, but it is still a pain nevertheless. And last, but not the least…

-BATHROOM MUG – Yuck!!!!!! (This one word summarizes it all.)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yeh pyaar kaise hota hai....

Woh pehli baar...jab hum mile...
haathon mein haath..jab hum chale...
Ho gaya yeh dil deewaaana…
Hotha hai pyaar kya? Kisne jaana??????????

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Countdown has started….

You never know what you missed until you experience it. (Old)

And you never know how you would be suffering, until you experience it. (New)

For so many days, I have wanted to go onsite and was waiting for one such opportunity. Now that I have got one and I am here in UK, I don’t want it. Hope my manager does not hear this statement. No, its not because of the work, just that I have started to get home-sick. Yes, within two days of staying away from my family. And to think that I have to manage for another 5.5 weeks, God save me.

Since it has already been established many times that I am a sentimental idiot, why, why, why did I think that I can manage without my family for 6 weeks? And why Sri, Why did u let me come here?? Why didn’t you stop me from going? It should have been like he got back his bachelorhood without his wife around for so many days. It must have been too good to resist, and that’s why he said OK. I know it was all my choice and I am using the ‘Blame him for everything’ strategy again, but that’s OK. After all, being his wife, I do have that liberty, don’t I? And I don’t even want to come near the kids section. They are being wonderfully nice and managing beautifully without me. How I wish that I had such maturity. My MIL was right in saying “Ur daughters will behave well. See to that, you don’t come back crying, half-way through your trip.” It seems like her words might come true any day.

All I have been thinking ever since landing here is “What made me think that I have the will power to stay away from my family for so long?” I agree that six weeks seemed like a short duration when I was in India. But now, oh God, time is just not at all passing. Every night, when going to sleep, I just count the days passed, and not even a single week has passed since I came here. Its again like my courtship days, when we were doing the countdown for the marriage day. Dear, the countdown has started again.

38 days to go…..
(Oh God, please help me)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Letter to hubby...

Since it is now confirmed that I am moving out of the country officially for the next 45 days or so, I would like to tell you a few things to keep in mind.

1. Please, please spend some time with our girls. Whether it is Smruthi who wants to show you her homework or it is Swathi who wants you to pick her up, please listen to them. The TV and the newspaper can wait. Our daughters are more important than all the news in the world. I am leaving it up to you to make sure that they don’t feel bad when I am out of town.
2. Unlike Smruthi, Swathi likes to brush her teeth when she gets up in the morning. The moment she wakes up, she would point to the bathroom. Take her there and she will let you know where her paste and brush is. Remember, she will NOT let you rinse her mouth until she sees her brush is loaded with the paste. So, first put the paste in her brush and only then, she will let you rinse her mouth. Don’t let this habit die because you get up late, or because it is late for Smruthi, or whatever the reason is.
3. As to Smruthi, well, nothing can be predicted about her. Leave her in her own way, and she will be alright.
4. Control your temper in the household. Remember, I will not be around to say Sri, Sri….. everytime your temper starts rising.
5. Hope you don’t do the “En pondaatti ooorrruukkkuu poitaaaaaaaaa” act in the Airport. If I ever come to know that you have done it, remember your fate is in my hands. I will be back to Chennai in a few days, so its just a matter of time.

More updates will follow as and when I remember. For now, all I can say is “U will definitely be missed.”