Friday, December 31, 2010

Wish list for 2011

Well, I thought of writing a blog for my new year resolutions for 2011. Like, for example, I will get up before Sri wakes up every day, I will not torture people by writing blogs, etc. But then thought, why waste time and energy penning down things which I know I will never follow. So, instead this blog has turned out to be what it is now….

How I wish, that I can get my hubby that Honda City, he always wished for, if not that, atleast the Benz E class, if not that, atleast the BMW, or Volkswagen, or Porsche or….or…or…

How I wish that my hubby gets me that beautiful diamond necklace, or atleast that white gold jewellery, or atleast the platinum one…or…or…or…

How I wish that Smruthi stops comparing what she wears to what I wear…(I’m getting sick of hearing ‘nee mattum churidhar pottiurkiye…enakku enga? Nee mattum jeans potturikiye…ennakku enga?’ and stuff like that. Why can’t she just wear what I make her to wear?)

How I wish that Swathi lets me to stop brushing her teeth and allow me to rinse her mouth every morning. Why can’t she understand that all the paste in the brush has already gone inside her tummy and it is now time to rinse her mouth?

How I wish that I can go on a world tour with my hubby and kids in what is called as an onsite official trip?

How I wish that my friend really believes that I DO work in my office…

How I wish that my hubby stops……………………………………

How I wish that all my wishes come true…….

How I wish……………………………….

How I wish………………..

How I wish…….

Chaand Taare Tod Laoon… Saari Duniya Par Main Chhaoon…
Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai… Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai…

Looking back….

2010 is almost over. Another year has gone and I have grown another year older. Sigh! For that matter, everyone I know has also grown older. Yay!!! Just like any other year, 2010 also bought with it, its own share of ups and downs. Looking back, I can remember only more of the ups rather than downs. The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of 2010 is that I have made two job changes in the past one year. I have to slow down.

On the career side, I have grown well in the last year, received some hard-to-get client appreciations and of course have had an onsite experience as well. Personally, well, everyday has been good. Touch wood! With two naughty kids and a wonderful husband, life is moving very fast and every day has bought with it a new experience. On that note, my patience has also reached its breaking point because of them. Smruthi has adapted well to her new school and progressing well. I am happy that she is comfortable in her school environment. Swathi - no comments. She is growing at a rapid pace, outgrowing her sister in the mischief section. Like father – like daughter!

This year has also made me realize the presence of God in many ways. Sai has made me feel His presence in my everyday life. I have got wonderful experiences which has re-enforced my faith and trust in Him.

And the biggest realization of this year has been that my hubby has finally learned to give me surprises. Yes, after FIVE years. When I came back from UK, he greeted me a beautiful single red rose at the airport. So, even this guy has missed me. Not bad! As if this is not enough, he surprised me with a cute teddy bear and a greeting card on my birthday. Well, what more can I ask for? Being apart for one and half months has worked wonders to our relationship. Seems like the onsite trip has served a purpose on the personal front as well ;-)

What else in 2010? To be frank, I am not able to recollect any more of the happenings in early 2010. The recent events of my UK trip, home-sickness and missing my daughters has clouded everything else so much, that to be back with them amidst the usual tantrums feels like a blessing. Only hope that 2011 also brings as much joy and happiness to me and everyone around me just like 2010. (Minus the onsite trips please)

Thank you 2010 and a warm welcome to 2011.

Wishing you all a very happy, happy and more happy and prosperous new year 2011.

May Sai bless us all and bring peace and happiness in our lives….

Thursday, December 9, 2010

30 days passed

It’s been 30 days since I last saw my family, my loving kids and my beloved husband. Somehow, the 30 days have passed.

On the official front, I am now confident enough, than I was during the beginning of this trip. We have attained clarity on what needs to be done, and what’s not to be done. Having gained that, time seems to run very fast. On that note, it’s only 7 more working days before I leave offshore and there’s a truck load of work to be done. And I am working really hard (though some of you may say that I hardly work – stop that PG!) to complete my assignment, mainly because I want to do justice to this trip and most importantly, I don’t want my trip to get extended because of the delay.

Time has a very bad habit of speeding up when you want it to slow down and slows down when you want it to speed up. I wish it would slow down when I am in office and speed up when I return to my room. The eight hours in office vanishes before I know and another day has gone pushing me closer to my deadline. But the moment I enter my room, loneliness hits me. I think of the days when my daughters come running to me when I return from office, leaving behind whatever they were doing, the fight between them as to who gets to me first and so many other things. I while away my time thinking of those moments, and obviously end up crying to sleep. And the worst part, there are still TEN MORE DAYS to go. Given a choice to stay and complete my work or return immediately, which one would I choose? Family or career? It would definitely be my family (as my hubby already knows), because, I can manage these tasks anytime from offshore. How I wish that a fairy would come in front of me like in the Cinderella tale and take me back to my family – THIS INSTANT... Time, time, fly away fast…

The countdown still continues…
10 more days to go…