Saturday, October 23, 2010

Half a century

Yippeee...This is my 50th post. I never thought that I would have a hobby, which I would maintain for such a long period. What started as a timepass has almost become an obsession now.

Latest updates in my life?

New business, new job, new people, new roles...Life is going to be challenging from now on, I guess. Hope only that my work-life balance does not get disrupted.

Dear girls, if you don't get to spend enough time with me henceforth,because of the above mentioned challenges, please understand that it would be only short-termed. Definitely.Ultimately, all these efforts are only for your well-being. (That is what I say to console myself)

More updates on upcoming days.
Hope everything goes well.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Friendship Day...

I know Friendship day falls in August and not in October. But it was in October, exactly this day 10 years before that we first entered our college.

Miss u dear college, Miss u dear labs and workshops, Miss u dear HOD and professors, Miss u seniors and juniors, and miss u dear friends...

This blog is a special dedication to all my college friends and especially to you PG.

10 years of friendship. Not bad huh!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Circle and Semi-circle

During another random conversation with Smruthi yesterday.

Me: Darling, why don’t you take ur old school bag to school tomorrow, since this one is very heavy for you?

She: Ma! Tomorrow is Friday. Ma’m will give me homework tomorrow. That will not fit into the old bag.

(And gives a ‘don’t-you-know-even-this’ look at me)

Me: Oh! Ok. So, what is going to be your home-work for colouring tomorrow? Any idea?

She: I think it is a semi-circle, coz, we colored that yesterday in school.

Me: **going bonkers** SEMI-CIRCLE?? What does that mean??

She: You put a ‘round’ in a paper. That is a Circle. Erase half of it. Then it becomes a semi-circle.

Me: (speechless)

I don’t think I understood the difference between a circle and semi-circle until I learned Trigonometry in X std. And my darling is teaching me the difference, in her kinder garden. Kids of today!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is ‘Report Card’ day in her school, combined with a PT meeting, and I hope that I will hear all praises about my daughter. (They better do that for the money we have paid them.)

…..To be continued by another post (based on the results)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kann vizhithu soppanam kanden…

For one of my team-mate, marriage has been arranged and fixed. Like how mine was before 5 years. And he has got a nice 5 months time before marriage. Like how we had. And needless to say, he is constantly on the phone, like how we were. So, here I go, back to my flashbacks, day dreaming about those lovely, ever-green days and torturing hubby everyday (for the past one week) talking to him about those days. Till date, he is patient enough to listen to me and say ‘mmm’ and ‘yes’ at all the appropriate places. (Dunno, how long this patience will last though!!!!!)

Soon after the official match-fixing was made, I mean the ‘pen paarkum padalam’, I still remember how I was waiting for my supposed-to-be-fiance to ask me out for a date. The expected phone call from him never came. How much dumber can a man get? Does he expect me, the girl to call him first and ask him out for a date? What if my whole idea backfires and they think me cheap? So, I waited, hoping that some day he would call me, at least once before marriage. And all in vain for one week. Finally, when I lost my patience and was about to call him, he luckily called me and saved me from embarrassment. Unable to control myself, I, like a stupid idiot, asked him why it took him ONE WEEK to call his fiancĂ©e. And the answer I got??? “I fell sick the day I saw you.” What a romantic beginning!!!!!!!!

But, that was just the beginning, and there was no stopping us after that. Not a single day went without each other talking over the phone till the battery went dead. Not a single weekend was wasted. Not a single movie released in town went unseen. Not a single restaurant was left. And not a single sundal-boy was missed in the beach. The special ringtone for that special call, the sweet nothings, the wait for Gud morning and Gud nite SMSs, the continuing sms even after the gud nite sms, the shopping sprees, the wait to see each other, the countdown for marriage, each and every minute was enjoyed and looked forward to. Even the teasing from friends and relatives seemed enjoyable. No matter how much enjoyable and romantic the marriage life is, nothing can ever replace this golden period. Even after 50 years of a happy married life, the memory of these courtship days is what will keep the marriage young and fresh, throughout life.

Love…brings a smile in our face when we wake up in the morning, a reason to get up, (inspite of only a few hours of sleep). Love makes life worth living for. Love makes life more beautiful.

Fall in love. Live Life King Size.