Thursday, May 5, 2016


Dear Swathi,

There was this time,when I felt so happy, and blessed to be a mom of a girl-child, who was awesome, affectionate, and everything a mom could want in her daughter. I bonded so well with my girl, that I didn’t have the heart to part with her cute little dresses, or her toys, or anything of hers for that matter (except the used diapers, of course). Life was so peaceful.

Suddenly, out of the blue, what did I discover?  I was expecting again! Right at that moment, I decided that I would be having a second girl only. Led by expectations of having your sister, I believed that life was only going to get better with you coming, who I also wanted desperately to be a girl – More girls, more awesomeness. Or so, I thought!

That is when karma came into picture.  Out you came with a bang, and imagine my joy, when you also happened to be a girl! I thanked all my Gods so much. Little did I know, that all these Gods were watching me with a sarcastic smile on their faces, waiting to watch my pathetic attempts to raise you like the calm, and well-behaved child that I was used to having so far! You do try to be all of these, as long as I’m not within your vicinity. Whenever I’m around you, it’s a different case all together.  Obedient? What’s that? Well-behaved? Where do you get that? Calm? Ha HaHa!! Stop kidding!!! That’s how you are, around me. Leaves me wondering, if I’m the problem. Really?

For as long as I’m your mom, I’m sure you will fight with me, counter-attack me, get on my nerves and drive me insane with all your pranks, logic, and temper.With your naughtiness, your constant questions about everything under the sun, and your non-stop activity around the house, you are like a tornado in full action. So, much so, that the moment you go silent, I tend to become cautious. As long as you are around, silence is never golden, only suspicion. You have taught me, that if I can handle you, I can handle any challenge in life :)

Having known all this, will I want to go back and change my wish? No. I wouldn’t have you any other way. Why??

  • I get to hear you hearty laugh and funny come-backs and watch the happiness on your face, when you try to counter me for everything I say.
  • The moment I say, ‘Stop talking to me’, you apologise and will not relent, until you make me smile and talk to you again.
  • Even though you make me struggle to get everything done, right from waking up and brushing your teeth in the morning, till getting into bed at night, as soon as you are asleep, you naturally cuddle with me in the bed. The contentment I feel, when your head gets tucked in the space between my hand and shoulder, during your sleep, and your sub-conscious kisses, makes every single struggle with you worth it.

No! I would definitely not have you any other way. Not now, not ever!You have shown me that the only thing that can be better than having a daughter is having TWO daughters!
Love you sweetheart - to the moon and back, just as you are!!! No changes, no updates. JUST.AS.YOU.ARE!!!
Happy birthday darling!

With Love,
PS: You successfully had your third set of stitches in your forehead this year! You made your dad proud!