Monday, May 5, 2014

Its ma b’day!!!

Yeah! Its me Swathi and I’m celebrating my b’day today! My fifth one at that! Because my mom has grown too lazy these days to write a blog post even for my b’day, I’ve decided to spare her the guilt of not giving me a b’day letter, by writing it myself! (She has the nerve not to sit and post a blog even after me reminding her to do so.)

In this last one year, I’ve played much, irritated (and have been irritated) much, fought much, and have also studied much. Unless you count the fights over the pencils, eraser, labels, water bottle, hair clips, bands, shoes, socks, window-seat, mommy, daddy, racket, mobile, chocolates and everything else under the sky, this year, I’ve been a very lovely and lovable sister, sharing almost everything else not listed above, with my sister. My mom, would say that I need to be more caring and share everything with my sister. I agree, but I can’t just give away these things, so what if they are hers, in the first place? She should learn to earn these things from me. Nothing comes free in this world, what say you?

I like to dress up, and carry myself very well, in almost all the costumes – with matching accessories, footwear, glasses, et all. And coming to costumes, I prefer wearing my sisters’ dresses more. So, what if they are second-hand, they are still new, and most importantly, they are still my sisters’ favorite. That single point is enough to make me wear them. Not because, it irritates her, but, because I love everything my sister loves. I don’t find anything wrong with this, but somehow, others don’t agree. Anyways, who cares! I get to do, what I want to do – most of the times. (read as ‘always’)

I’ve become more technology-driven this year, and have taught my dad to use his mobile, and my mom to play subway surfers and temple run. Not that she has become an expert yet. Forget about collecting the coins, she still can’t manage to run even a simple 100m without getting caught. Ask her to read a book, she can go on for ages and ages, without food and water, but can’t manage to play such simple games, I tell you. And the same goes for the physical games as well. While she has been a book-worm all through her education years, I’m more hooked to games – my favorites being badminton and basket ball. Just because I call her to play with me, she thinks she can teach me all about the game. Ha! As if already don’t know the game, all credits to my dad. None like my dad to teach me sports. My daddy always the best :)

I’m being labeled as not-so-sentimental by my mom, and I agree with her, and I don’t regret it. I love her, and she knows that. Then, what’s the point in saying the same thing again and again, and this means ‘practical’ and ‘not-so-sentimental’ in her terms. Its ok. Let me be me! Not only me, but my poor dad is also suffering from her not-so-practical behaviour.

You see, unlike my sister, I’m not much into this reading and writing stuff, so, having written this much of a post is really a huge accomplishment. And moreover, I believe in being humble. So, signing off for now, yours favorite, Swathi. Wish me happy b’day folks! Oh, I forgot to mention, mom, its not only dad, but I love you too :)
Yeah, that's me!

PS: Dear Swathi, my lovely and best birthday wishes to you! As always, you fill our life with so much energy and fun, that there’s never a single dull moment in life with you around. Thanks for coming into our lives, and may you get the best of all that life has to offer. Once again, wishing you the happiest birthday darling!