Thursday, February 27, 2014


My dear Smruthi,

Its your birthday again, and you are turning seven today! I’m not sure, for how many more years I would get the liberty to declare your age, but as long as I have that, (and even after that…) I would continue to be in awe at the amazing speed with which you are growing.

I sometimes feel that the days are not very far, when you would come to us and say “Mom! I know what I’m doing”. (Yes, this has been your favorite dialog from ‘Abhiyum Naanum’). I’m dreading the day you would actually mean it, not because my little butterfly is learning to fly, but in its new-found curiosity, the butterfly may actually want to fly far in its independence, and I may have to ‘let go’ as a parent. Believe me dear, as a mom, letting go is very difficult – be it when you ride your new bicycle all by yourself, (and remind me not to be like Abhi’s father, who followed her when she rode her cycle to school) be it when you go to the music class in the next street, all by yourself, or when you leave with your friends for a day’s outing, WITHOUT us, and took care of yourself for an entire day. But, all these you did do, and here I was watching you grow, wondering how fast the days are flying by!

Do you know, just a couple of days back, as I was having my dinner, you came to me and narrated an incident from school (a quite mischievous one, at that!) You didn’t necessarily say it was a secret, but the fact that you hadn’t shared it with anybody else – not your best friend, not your sister, father, grandparents – no one, but only me, made me feel honored. When asked what made you reveal this to me, and not to anyone else, imagine the answer you gave? “’Coz you are the one I love the most in this world!” You will never know, how much this means to me. It gave me a deep sense of satisfaction, that I was indeed doing something right as a mother, for you to be sharing such deep feelings with me. Trust me, I will not reveal ‘our little secret’ to anyone else. Promise J Expecting more of these little secrets in the future years to come.

Like your previous year, this year also, you have been curious enough to know and learn things, greatly, to the point of annoying me. I mean, who doesn’t get annoyed when being continuously questioned about the facts they pathetically don’t have answers to? On that note, you are most fascinated by solar system, (How do the planets stay in orbit all the time? How is it that they don’t fall down? Because they don’t have anywhere to fall down to) love, (Whom should I love when I grow up? Yeah, right! A perfect question to your mother!), child birth, (Why doesn’t the male breed of dogs give birth to puppies?). Oh God, please help me!

You are becoming more and more glued to me every day, and you proudly declare that you are a ‘Amma Gondhu!’ (Mommy’s girl) You can read my emotions and know when I’m upset, happy, angry, whatever! And you also know pretty well, how to lift my moods when I’m angry or upset with you girls. You never miss a chance to give me your teddy bear hug or that charming kiss, and tell me that I’m the best. I can never have enough of these, and I cherish each and every one of them.

The best part this year has been that you have started reading books, and just out of curiosity, I opened you up to my blogs. You did read your previous birthday letters, and head-banged on some of them, but still, you love the fact that I write a letter to you every year. Yay! Makes me the best mom again, according to you. Thanks (blushing).

Wishing you the happiest b’day dear, and may each year be better than your previous ones!

Love you dear. Now and ever!
Your mom!

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