Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Son comes home happily in the evening. Mom tells him that his supposed-to-be dad is not his true father. Son is shocked, ponders for a moment, and asks his mom why she hadn't told him earlier. Reason being he could have used his true dads' formals as well in an exchange offer of a leading shirting and suiting. Head-Bang! Bang! Bang! It was all I could do to not hit my head in the steering wheel, before changing the radio channel. How much more crappier can these ads get? Don't the ad agencies ever replay their ads once before formally releasing them? I mean, they can't just say whatever comes to their minds and release them with the product name just tagging along in the end, right? These products would seriously sell better if they don't have these ads to 'promote' them, would be my not-so-humble opinion.

Some ads are supposed to be so creative, that it takes a super-imaginative person to grasp the idea behind them. To me, they just remind me of a childhood joke, where the kid goes to an essay-writing competition having prepared to write about a cow, but he is asked to write about a tree instead. Being the creative kid that he is, he still continues to write about the cow and adds a final line to the essay stating that such and such a cow can be tied to the tree. This is the feeling I get on watching some of the ads these days. Either the ad agencies and the brand marketers don't review these ads AT ALL or my iq is so pathetic to understand them.

And I don't even want to get near the deodarant ads, where all it takes for a woman to follow a man is his deodarant, which is apparently strong enough to even attract the ladies from deep inside the amazons. God! No wonder, people start channel-hopping as soon as the commercials begin.

There used to be a time when I waited for the commercials, just to see the infectious happiness in this dairy milk girlfriend and the complan mother. I seriously miss them, not to forget the washing powder nirma and the 'kudikka venam....appdiye saapduven' horlicks kid. If I can attribute one good thing to these ads, its just that they are so completely irritating to get me started to write again. Who would have thought, these ads could be so damn powerful to revive my blog from hibernation!


  1. Hey kg3,

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