Saturday, March 12, 2016

Me and My thoughts – Random musings!

Along the path of life, we meet many people. Some irritate us, some entertain us, some inspire us and others ignore us. We learn how to be from some, and how ‘NOT’ to be from some. Wherever we go, we need to create our imprint as a token of our presence, in that phase of life (In the good sense, ofcourse). However, there are only very few people, who reciprocate the way we want themto – understand, care and really miss us, when the time comes to part. And its even fewer people (read as one), who would call our companionship as ‘the experience of reading a good book’. When life brings in such characters, value them. We may not be able to be in touch with them forever, but we can cherish their memories, and hold onto them dearly. Hopefully, some day, when they too look back on this phase of life, they will also feel equally happyto have known us and say ‘ adhuoruazhagiya full moon period’.
Happy meeting them and happy knowing them, as I enter another new phase of my career – another new phase of my life.
How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard!!! 

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